The ever-increasing number of 3D-enabled electronics devices would suggest that more and more companies are rushing to integrate 3D technologies into their products.  Today it’s easy to find TVs, video games, and personal laptops also programmed with a 3D viewing feature.  Sure, not everyone is a believer of 3D, but current trends show that the 3D craze is here to stay.

The popularity of 3D technologies is undoubtedly a worldwide trend.  Japan recently became home to the world’s largest, glasses-free 3D display screen.  Developed by Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications and JVC Kenwood, the 200-inch HD screen allows images to shift through 57 different angles to make objects appear to be in 3D.  While this may beat any 55″ HDTV you may have at home, there’s a real possibility that consumer 3D TV’s will soon become the norm in households around the world.
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