EON XR is now revolutionising technical training, allowing students to train safely on the lathe machine directly from their phones in a virtual environment.

The lathe, an integral machine tool in woodturning, metal working, glass working and thermal spraying forms the fundamentals of industrial production.

In this series of lessons developed by University for Business and Technology, students learn first hand  how to safely operate and adjust machines to cut, shape, and drill.  Utilising hands-on practical training methodology, the lessons offer students an opportunity to acquire an understanding of the different functions and the safety and maintenance procedures associated with a lathe machine.

Upon completion of the course, students are expected to master lathe engine fundamentals and be able to perform key internal machining operations on the lathe.

Developed as part of the Self-Directed Learning Initiative, this lesson module is part of the 20,000 lessons developed for 141 disciplines by the faculty and students of University for Business and Technology in Kosovo. These lessons have also been deployed as part of the blended learning approach adopted by the University, integrating the principles of active learning in a remote classroom environment.

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