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The EON Learn For Life Academy is the  multifaceted approach, focusing on enriching intern experiences in business development, marketing, and latest XR and AI technology. It underscores the program’s commitment to providing a deeply engaging, practical learning journey.

Interns are immersed in activities that hone their professional skills and understanding, leveraging a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on projects

The program aims to equip interns with robust, market-relevant skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for real-world challenges in these dynamic fields.

Empowers Future Leaders

EON launched its first global internship program in 2020 in response to the pandemic lockdown and its associated restrictions. 

It aimed to support young, talented minds worldwide by providing them with valuable hands-on  experience and enhancing their employability. 

The program has been a great success since its inception, and EON has continued to offer internships every year. To date, over 200 students have participated in EON’s internship program.

Skills & Outcomes

Real-World Skills

Interns gain hands-on experience, applying theoretical knowledge to practical tasks.

Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving

Emphasis on developing these crucial skills for the AI-centric era.

AI Mastery

Training on leading AI tools, preparing interns for future technological challenges.

International Exposure

Experience in a global work environment, enhancing cultural and professional adaptability.

Engagement & Experience

Direct customer interaction, contributing to 3 months of tangible work experience for their CVs.

Training Program Covers

Cutting-edge XR and AI technologies for knowledge transfer in education and enterprise:

Mastering Sales techniques and lead qualification

LFL Enterpreneurship Opportunity

Internship Onboarding

  • The EON Reality Intern onboarding process is a comprehensive guide for interns, detailing the company’s policies, expectations, and procedures.
  • It includes detailed information on work hours, attendance, professional conduct and companies’ culture and active hand on participation.
  • Specifically developed handbook emphasizes learning, development, and responsibility, offering a structured framework for interns to succeed in their roles.
  • Additionally, it outlines performance evaluation, rewards, and feedback processes, along with guidance on time off and additional training opportunities.
  • The handbook serves as a key resource for interns to understand their role and maximize their learning and contribution during the internship.

Performance Evalution & Rewards

  • The performance evaluation and rewards component of EON learn For Life Academy is designed to recognize and incentivize outstanding intern performance.
  • This system includes regular performance reviews, where interns are evaluated based on predefined criteria aligned with their roles and responsibilities.
  • The program emphasizes the importance of meeting and exceeding set goals, with a focus on active participation, learning, and professional development.
  • Rewards for exceptional performance include both monetary and non-monetary benefits. Interns may incentives or commissions based on their contributions, particularly in roles with a marketing or business development focus.
  • Additionally, exceptional performers may be recognized through awards or opportunities for further training. This structure aims to motivate interns to excel in their roles and contribute meaningfully to EON Reality’s objectives.

Certification Materials & Processes

  • Procedures and materials for various certifications related to the company’s products and services. This includes detailed guides for hands-on training, theoretical knowledge, practical presentations, and proficiency in sales techniques.
  • The certification process is designed to ensure that interns acquire a deep understanding of EON’s technology and methodologies, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for professional success in virtual and augmented reality applications.
  • This comprehensive approach facilitates both personal and professional growth, preparing interns for future roles in technology and business development.

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