The three-way partnership will bring Augmented and Virtual Reality training applications to police forces in Moldova and beyond.

IRVINE, CA, August 14, 2019 – Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and EON Reality have partnered with United Nations Women Moldova as one of their innovation initiatives.

As part of an ongoing applied research and development program, the past year has seen serious progress working together on the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) technologies to reduce gender-based violence.

In a series of development consultations and workshops which began last year, diverse groups of participants used roleplaying techniques to discover positive and negative behaviors from police officers, social workers, and other involved actors that could be simulated in an EON-XR environment. Among those in attendance at the consulting sessions and workshops have been representatives from Moldova’s General Police Inspectorate, Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, and National Bureau of Statistics as well as ATIC – Moldovan Association of ICT Companies, and several international organizations working in the field of women’s rights.

By using a wide variety of settings and responses to create different realistic scenarios for interactions — such as working with shelters for victims of domestic violence, being the first responder to a domestic violence call, talking to perpetrators of domestic violence, and issuing restraining orders — the collaboration then found which ones could be directly translated into digital interactions in EON-XR.

“This is very innovative. It’s a powerful training method that provides you an opportunity to learn by doing. Once you have made the VR application, it can be distributed to any number of users as long as they have a phone, which makes it very cost effective.”As a result, the three-way partnership has developed EON-XR applications to be used in a head-mounted display (such as an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive) as a Proof of Concept for the project. These immersive sessions provide both a safe space and endlessly revisable training simulation for police officers around the world to practice working in distressing, painful, and potentially dangerous situations — all without the consequences they’d face in the real world. The interactive and recordable nature of this training also allows officers to receive feedback on the decisions they make within these virtual training environments, so they have the experience to act faster, smarter, and with more empathy when faced with the situation in real life.

The collaboration continues the internationally recognized innovative approaches that UN Women Moldova has implemented since 2015. Using EON-XR technology to expand their efforts, UN Women Moldova is ambitiously looking to work with police departments both in their country and around the world to change the psychological patterns and practices of officers.“A training approach based on concrete situations will give police officers a better understanding of how they should act.”

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