Learn how engineering students are successfully using AR and VR to understand the workings of the centrifugal pump in a  lesson directly from their phone. The centrifugal pump is one of the most widely used pieces of equipment found in industry. Despite this, an engineering student often completes his course of study with only the vaguest idea about the selection and performance of pumps of both the centrifugal and axial flow types.

In this lesson created for the course in fluid mechanics, students are now introduced to the fundamentals of the centrifugal pump in an instructor led, hands on lesson. Complete with annotation, voice memos, animation and dissectable parts, the students can now learn how centrifugal pumps perform under the various load conditions. This lesson also serves an example of an effective use of VR and AR for visualizing phenomena through simulation for deeper understanding.

Developed as part of the Self-Directed Learning Initiative, this lesson module is part of the 20,000 lessons developed for 141 disciplines by the faculty and students of University for Business and Technology in Kosovo. These lessons have also been deployed as part of the blended learning approach adopted by the University, integrating the principles of active learning in a remote classroom environment.

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