With reported cases of COVID-19 in over 80 countries around the world, there’s currently a real cause for concern amid school closures, quarantined towns, and global economic slowdown.

International universities with campuses in China have moved their classes online following strict restrictions by the Chinese Ministry of Education not to reopen their doors until further notice. Yet universities around the world, including Australia, have found ways to enable students to learn without being physically present.

In this respect, the ability for AR and VR to create remote, immersive learning environments presents a viable option for governments and schools to leverage at this critical juncture. Current AR and VR technology is advanced enough to provide remote collaborative classrooms and enable large groups of students to gather and learn while minimizing the risk of exposure.

Remote Training with Virtual Reality
Since EON Reality opened its doors, we have been working with many leading companies across the world to provide VR and AR training in any chosen location. With the current travel restrictions, VR and AR training can alleviate the problem of travel constraints by immediately deploying any recorded training session — regardless of location — to workers in affected areas. EON-XR is equipped with collaborative and immersive tools to ensure key learning and training sessions are delivered with the same rigor as in-person lessons.

Remote Learning and Collaboration with Virtual Reality
As highlighted in the earlier article, universities and schools in affected areas are now looking for effective ways to replicate the classroom experience online. VR and AR offer a multitude of ways to create engaging and effective classroom content for those who are unable to physically attend class. One of the common misconceptions about VR and AR is the need for expensive headsets and visual aids, but EON Reality’s primary solution is built specifically for classrooms and businesses that need to provide AR and VR-enabled lessons without headsets — only requiring a desktop or mobile device.

The full impact of COVID-19 remains to be seen, but great strides made in VR and AR technology mean the world does not have come to a standstill. EON Reality’s accessible and robust code-free EON-XR Platform allows users to create lessons in minutes and provides the world with the ability to address the mobility issues presented by the current pandemic.

Together, we can stay safe while continuing to learn, train, and perform our daily duties.