Christmas is once again within a matter of weeks. If you have remained on top of things, you have already bought your gifts and started getting into the spirit of the season. If not, well you missed your chance with Black Friday already, so better luck next year. Some of you will already have had an opportunity to try out Virtual Reality. If you are fortunate, then you also have a headset of your own. Now is the time to combine the two and get into the Christmas spirit with these VR experiences. Some are simply visual; others are a little more involved. All of them are drenched in Christmas spirit.

VR Xmas – Google Cardboard

Developed by Eon Reality for use in Singapore, this VR experience is like the previous one, but a little bit more involved. You get to walk around an entire village, locating reindeer and adding them to the sleigh. It’s not very long, as you only need to find eight reindeer plus the bonus Rudolph at the end, but that is the state of VR at the moment. Eon Reality has also done a good job to warning against potential health hazard in the app description, which is very important to factor into these experiences. Since a lot of users start to feel nauseous after 10 minutes or so in VR, the brevity of the experience is probably a positive. There is also the added benefit that both Android and iOS phones can access this experience.

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