IRVINE, Calif., February 22, 2010EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, is proud to assist WATG, the world’s leading design consultant for the hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries, in their design and customer project presentations by using EON’s authoring tools and interactive display solution, EON Icube.WATG’s senior design team from Irvine, CA just had an afternoon field trip to one of their new designs, an ancient Egypt inspired spa by the Red Sea. The field trip took place in EON’s holodeck technology, the EON Icube – WATG’s 3D model of a Spa situated outside of Cairo.


The spa was modeled in Revit, 3ds max and Sketch-up and then transferred to EON Professional to add realistic lighting and 3D immersion.  WATG uses EON Icube technology for evaluating designs in a virtual space rather than building physical models.

« For our industry, typically what we do is model rooms or mock-up units where we physically build up a guest room in a hotel. It is a very expensive exercise and also very time consuming, stated Rhonda Rasmussen, Director of Interior Design, WATG. With technology such as EON Icube, WATG can present their designs to their clients in an immersive and real-time 3D environment before it is even built.

« To be able to walk into the space that we have designed for them (WATG’s customers) and have both the owner and operator understand the space and sign off on it without actually physically building the space, is an invaluable tool and experience. Even more so, for spaces that you do not have multiple quantities of, for example, a spa, lobby space or a restaurant and where a full scale model never can be built, it allows the designer and client to glimpse into the finished product at very early stages, » said Rhonda Rasmussen.

« For the designers to get that instant gratification to be inside your design that you have created is pretty amazing, » added Rhonda Rasmussen.

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WATG has become the world’s leading design consultant for the hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries.  Having worked in 160 countries and territories across six continents, WATG has designed more great hotels and resorts than any other firm on the planet. Many of WATG’s projects have become international landmarks, renowned not only for their design and sense of place but also for their bottom-line success. For more information, visit

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