“EON, already the go-to company for 3D, has evolved as a pioneer in virtual reality with its EON Sports’ VR to train football recruits at more than 100 high schools and universities, including UCLA, Ole Miss, Syracuse and Kansas,” wrote Fred Zucker of SEC Filings.


With over 15 years of experience, EON Reality has established a specialized niche in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industries. EON Reality believes that knowledge is a human right, which is why we have been creating VR and AR applications for students, educators, and industry leaders across the globe, providing easy access to these apps from a smartphone on our mobile content library EON Experience VR. EON Reality is unique in that its technology is built around simulation and not gaming. EON Reality provides an immersive and interactive training experience in education, industry, and edutainment.

EON Sports VR has been working with colleges to enhance the training of American Football Quarterbacks, including UCLA, Ole Miss, Syracuse, and Kansas. In addition to these schools using EON Sports VR’s SIDEKIQ football simulator, EON Sports recently announced its partnership with NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since the team’s drafting of Quarterback Jameis Winston with the top pick in the 2015 draft, the Bucs are hoping that SIDEKIQ will help Winston quickly adjust to their playbook and the speed of the NFL game. This partnership has opened doors to opportunities across the sporting world.

EON Reality is making knowledge transfer accessible, available, and affordable by teaming up with subject matter experts to create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based applications. Whether it’s education, industry, or edutainment, EON Reality’s VR and AR solutions enable users to learn faster, remember longer, and decide better.

Recently, EON Reality and A Nu Reality won an award at Laval Virtual 2015 for the EyeSim application. EyeSim is an ophthalmic training simulator application designed for educators to use in the classroom for knowledge transfer and for learners to achieve mastery learning through deliberate practice. EON Reality’s designers and R&D team worked with subject matter expert Dr. Anu Khandra to develop an ophthalmic application that would better educate those in the field. EON Reality is also developing the next social media platform together with Next Galaxy called Ceek. This will be a fully immersive Virtual Reality hub for accessing entertainment, education and branded experiences such as concerts and movies, and real-life experiences like sky diving.

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