In this edition of XR Knowledge Experience, Renah sat down with Professor Allam Mousa of An-Najah National University based in the State of Palestine. During the one hour session, they had plenty to share about how EON-XR has changed teaching and learning for students and faculty at the University.

The XR Knowledge Experience is a brand-new weekly discussion series hosted by EON Reality’s Director of Customer Success, Dr. Renah Wolzinger. Each week features one of the biggest names in education, technology, or the XR industry covering a wide range of topics. These include discussions on how the latest and greatest immersive tech can change the world both inside and outside of classroom and workplace training environments.

If you didn’t manage to catch it, here are some highlights from the XR Knowledge Experience webinar with Professor Allam Mousa.

On how a new mindset to teaching is key to embracing effective learning for today’s students.

How An-Najah National University is overcoming the challenge of finding appropriate 3D learning assets for its curriculum library.

How smartphones are democratizing learning and leveling the playing field. 

The importance of empowering students with EON-XR technology.

The power of immersive learning  to build student confidence.

Professor Mousa talks about his favourite feature on EON-XR – the 3D recording function.

Professor Mousa on how EON-XR is turning students into engaged learners in the classroom.


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