Tamba Bay Rays’ coaches claim that they’re particularly fond of this method because it’s less physically wearing on an individual than the good old actual batting cage. Not only that but the method actually allows the players to basically have better training partners.

The ICube simulator has no problem mimicking throws of some the best pitchers in MLB, for example. Imagine practicing batting with the likes of Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale, or Felix Hernandez. Not a bad test of one’s skills, right? Brendan Reilly, the CEO of EON Sports VR admitted that “nothing can replace the at-bat experience” one has in a real game or during a “real” training session, but is quick to point that his company’s technology “enables players to maximize repetitions and their performance in the batters’ box.”

Basically, Reilly doesn’t believe virtual reality tech will replace actual training any time soon, but is convinced that his company’s product is still an invaluable asset for any team “looking to gain a competitive edge against their opponents.”

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