Augmented and virtual technologies are now ready to solve the number 1 dilemma in the classroom both online and offline – Lesson creation.  Jonathan Lee, Senior Manager for Training and Learning Technologies, offers a quick primer on how anyone can easily create lessons in virtual reality with their own 3D assets on EON-XR for an immersive learning experience.

Supporting more than 40 different formats and growing, EON-XR cloud conversion enhancement is designed to make content and lesson creation a breeze. Here are some of the key highlights of the EON-XR Online Learning Platform

  • Remote EON-XR Collaboration feature that can host up to 100 participants in a tutorial or lecture style setting
  • Upload your own interactive 3D models or pick one from the world’s largest digital library of more than one million digital assets to create an immersive lesson in AR and VR mode
  • Enrich the lesson with 360º videos and walkthroughs for a realistic and immersive learning experience
  • Create authentic assessments and quizzes supported by dashboard analytics and a classroom management system
  • Embed videos and other resources for an enriched learning experience

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Interactive Collaborative Learning on EON-XR