The ongoing collaboration between EON Reality Denmark and VIA University College continues to succeed in nurturing talent and influencing what an Augmented and Virtual Reality curriculum should look like both locally and internationally.

EON Reality Denmark and the global immersive technology industry both recognize that VR and AR skillsets are becoming increasingly popular, and in-demand within the job market. There are more VR and AR developer graduates required across a range of industries now than ever before.

Consequently, the increase in Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) ubiquity in education heightens the need for quality courses and qualified lecturers.

VIA’s latest batch of students are currently receiving lectures from three expert educators with multiple years of genuine experience in VR and AR development between them. EON Reality is delighted to add its own EON-XR industry staff such as Global Director of Global Education and Training, Marcin Kasica, as well as Head of Software Development, Vinh-Sang Tri, and Chief Technical Officer, Nils Andersson.

The UK-based Marcin Kasica traveled across Europe to Viborg to teach the students the latest technology and approaches to VR and AR platform solution design.

Globally, EON Reality  provides work-based learning and true-to-life scenarios for learning VR and AR technologythrough its VR Innovation Academy (VRIA) program. The partnership with VIA University College is able to provide faculty and students with the best knowledge based on pure development experience.

It has been a great pleasure and a positive experience visiting the local IDC in Denmark and to observe its joint approach to education with its practical point-of-view. This way, the students get to make use of EON’s 20+ years of experience and gain access to state-of-the-art technology. This combines their academic studies with exciting practical tasks.

EON Reality’s 20 years of AR and VR software development experience provides the company with an unmatched reputation within the industry – and continues to widen and open access to EON-XR knowledge transfer. VIA University College in Denmark is a glowing example of how this can work at the local and national levels.

Education: A Vital Part of the Local EON-XR Ecosystem

EON Reality Denmark’s motivation for collaborating with a learning institute such as VIA University College is the potential to include students as part of a local ecosystem consisting of government, education and enterprise.

Receiving a very practice-oriented education, students will also learn how they can establish their own businesses and become VR/AR entrepreneurs. In effect, graduates will be able to contribute greatly to the development of the EON-XR industry as well as the local community in Viborg. This supply of digital and creative talent is a key indicator of EON Reality’s success around the globe.The approach to education in EON-XR we have here at EON Reality Denmark is very beneficial to the students. We want them to learn as much as they can so that they can contribute to the industry during their studies and afterwards.

The municipality of Viborg, Denmark, has already been named a ‘VR mecca’ thanks to EON Reality, VIA University College, and The Animation Workshop.  Together these companies are forming a local, sustainable and well-functioning ecosystem will help induce more VR projects and businesses.

If you are interested in learning VR/AR content creation, development, and to discover EON-XR, you can read more about EON Reality’s VR Innovation Academy here: