Join thought leaders from across the world at The Immersive Learning Summit 2019 in Bologna, Italy — with thought-leading discussion, workshops, leadership strategies, case studies, and one-on-one investment meetings to help leaders made the most from their innovation centres and budgets.EON Reality has been implementing technology and learning clusters for more than a decade.

As these clusters evolve beyond 2020, we believe that by deploying immersive technology today, organisations will have an unprecedented opportunity to:

  • Boost the production of in-house innovation
  • Close the skills gap in creative and STEM learning
  • Vastly accelerate learning for all students, globally

A recent survey from McGraw-Hill Education found that 81 percent of all students improve their grades by using digital tools.

Specifically, 82 percent of the sample were keen to point out that laptops, tablets and mobile apps have helped them spend even more time studying. In keeping with this, AR and VR have become core to the conversations about how we’ll teach in the classrooms and training spaces of the future – and are already changing how we teach and drive lesson engagement.

The students of today are more likely to prepare for big exams by revising and learning what they need to know, using with a laptop or mobile device. The days of “cramming” in the library are over.

Governments, schools, colleges, universities and training companies are under huge pressure to keep up with the pace of change.

With the proliferation of ‘innovation hubs’ and ‘technology clusters,’ how can Heads of Innovation and Commercial Directors drive value, and ensure these spaces are relevant for learners?

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