EON Custom Academic Courses

For Hard and Soft Skill Courses.

EON Custom Academic Courses

Transforming Education with Spatial AI Excellence

EON Reality’s Virtual Campus Platform provides immersive curriculum services using AI, augmented, and virtual reality. It transforms traditional content into 3D interactive learning.

The platform has both generic modules from top institutions and custom-tailored packages. Key features include transforming textual content into 3D, hands-on training for hard skills like health science, and a soft skills simulator for role-playing activities with feedback from AI avatars.

The platform boasts a knowledge portal, 3D model integration, automatic annotations, assessments, and a skill simulator that turns standard procedures into 3D animations. The EON Soft Skills module teaches through virtual role-play, encompassing theory learning, practical training, and AI-based feedback.

The platform’s extensive curriculum spans across various departments including Engineering, Humanities, Business, Medicine, and more, covering both hard and soft skills.

EON Customized Academic Course Catalog

KMITL University, Thailand

Stanford University, USA

University of Guyana, Guyana

Vaal University of Technology, South Africa

Zagreb University, Croatia

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