EON SoftSkills

The AI-Powered Training Revolution Mastering SoftSkills with Unprecedented Precision

Welcome to the Future of Interactive Role-Playing

EON SoftSkills infuses role-play with AI that offers deep understanding and guidance—equipping organizations with digital counterparts to the most intuitive human mentors. EON SoftSkills is designed to sharpen human potential in the digital age. Utilizing cutting-edge technology where Spatial AI, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality converge to redefine industry standards and knowledge.

The platform harnesses AI avatars and advanced language models to create realistic simulations for recruitment, mental health assessments, and talent development.

EON SoftSkills Simulations

Engage authentically, learn effectively, and practice responsibly with EON SoftSkills

  • Elevate Your Recruitment Process
    Dive into state-of-the-art hiring simulations where AI avatars function as virtual hiring managers. Analyze resumes, conduct insightful interviews, and receive comprehensive evaluations to make informed hiring decisions aligned with your organizational goals. 
  • Pioneering Mental Health Assessments
    Step into the future of mental health training. Virtual psychiatrists lead standardized assessments, providing valuable tools for professional development and complementing traditional diagnostic approaches. 
  • Nurture Internal Talent Effectively
    Identify and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow with our talent identification module. Assess interns and employees against organizational benchmarks to strategize their growth and development within your company. 

Key Features of EON SoftSkills

Multidimensional, immersive training experiences that cater to modern learners

  • Simulated Real-Life Scenarios: Recruitment, mental health, talent identification powered by AI and XR.
  • Immersive AI Avatars: Realistic interactions with nuanced feedback in augmented reality.
  • Security and Privacy: Ironclad data protection across all modules.
  • Testing and Validation: Endorsed by professional insights for impeccable accuracy.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Seamless navigation for a distraction-free experience.
  • Ethical Rigor: Commitment to high legal and ethical standards.
  • Three-Phased Approach:
    • Learning Phase: Provides comprehensive insights into various soft skills, ensuring dynamic, interactive, and engaging content delivery.
    • Training Phase: Realistic role-play scenarios with the AI avatar offer hands-on practice in areas ranging from leadership to communication.
    • Evaluation Phase: Real-time, unbiased, and precise feedback from the AI mentor, ensuring learners understand areas of strength and improvement.

Our Commitment to Security and Ethics

We prioritize participant data protection with the highest standards of privacy and security, especially in sensitive areas such as mental health diagnostics. Rigorous testing and validation ensure our platform’s recommendations align with real-world expertise, supported by our advanced AI and XR technologies.