Learn for Life Program

EON’s Lifelong Learning: XR & AI Education

EON Reality’s Learn for Life program is an initiative designed to harness the power of Extended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform and enhance the learning experience, especially in underprivileged regions. The program focuses on elevating educational quality for all educational levels through immersive technologies. It empowers learners to gain practical, in-demand skills, aligning education with market needs. Furthermore, it extends support to governments and institutions to acquire grants for XR education programs, fostering awareness of tech’s role in learning and connecting young professionals with meaningful careers.

XR AI Knowledge Transfer Program

Knowledge is a Human Right

Our belief that knowledge is a human right means that the best solutions for modern knowledge transfer must be delivered equally to all. The current academic system shows that access to quality education is not equally distributed and is often unaffordable. Moreover, while higher education institutions are in demand, vocational institutions remain unnoticed and underutilized. Learn for Life aims to bridge the gap between students and quality jobs in demand, enhancing teaching tools and underscoring the importance of vocational skills along with higher degree professions. The discrepancy between the need for skilled workers and the availability of trained workers relevant to todays market is growing and it highlights a critical gap in our education and training systems that must be urgently addressed to support economic development and individual career success.

Addressing this issue requires collaboration among various stakeholders. Learn for Life recognizes this and fosters partnerships worldwide to combat educational inequality, understand needs, and provide solutions to democratize educational access.

EON Pledges over $900 million in grants

Helping institutions around the world get the grants they need

EON Reality’s Learn for Life initiative has pledged over USD $900 million (in-kind) in grants for the years 2022 to 2024, assisting communities worldwide in maintaining educational access for youth and children. These grants will facilitate access to the most advanced learning technologies, based on Extended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

XR AI Knowledge Transfer Program

“The grants will be earmarked for the communities that need it most and for those willing to make an impactful positive change in their region. We are committed to providing the necessary support and resources to help secure the future of the next generation.”

Anna Lejerskar President of Learn For Life

XR AI Knowledge Transfer Program

Breaking Borders in Education

Connecting teachers and students worldwide

Learn for Life is dedicated to supporting educational transformation by integrating XR and AI technologies, thus empowering a new generation of teachers. This initiative enhances knowledge transfer and allows educators to share their expertise globally, transcending geographical boundaries. Through EON Solutions, Learn For Life creates unparalleled opportunities for teachers to connect with students worldwide, fostering a global educational community.

Supporting Entrepreneurship

Empowering young minds to make the change

Learn For Life’s AI Academy is dedicated to bridging the educational gap, empowers interns to explore the cutting-edge intersection of Extended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in knowledge transfer. This unique program goes beyond textbook learning, offering hands-on experience in shaping the future of education.

Government Engagements

Making a difference across the world

Building on 15 years of experience in Africa, EON’s Learn for Life initiative expanded its reach in 2014, collaborating with numerous institutions, helping organizations, and governments across various regions and communities. This initiative aims to globally enhance educational access, elevate education quality, and link skilled workers with future industries by harnessing advanced technology for accessible learning opportunities.


Our contributions have been recognized

Learn for Life’s first 15 years of experience in Africa has been acknowledged by leading organizations for contributing to international growth and most importantly demonstrating how technology enhances knowledge transfer. It was recognized among the top 50 at the World Summit Awards in 2009 for its work in Zimbabwe and was a finalist at the 2005 African ICT Achievers Awards. EON Reality and its partner Naledi3D were also awarded as one of the Technology Top 100 Companies in 2005.