IRVINE CA – April 15, 2024 – EON Reality, the leader in Spatial AI for knowledge transfer, today announced a major update to its EON-XR platform. This significant expansion transitions from its core Business-to-Business offerings to include Business-to-Consumer audiences, empowering learners of all ages.

Simplified User Interface Inspired by Top Learning Platforms

The updated EON-XR platform features a simplified user interface, drawing inspiration from the minimalist and user-friendly design of platforms like Duolingo. The goal is to make the platform more intuitive and engaging for users, providing an easier and more accessible learning experience.

Introducing Structured Learning Paths

A major addition is the structured « Learning Plan » or « Roadmap, » which organizes the learning process into clear, manageable steps. This feature aims to make the educational journey more transparent and goal-oriented, akin to the progression systems seen in popular educational games.

Enhanced Personalization and Gamification

The new version of EON-XR integrates advanced AI to tailor learning experiences to individual needs. The new features enhance interaction, making learning not only more personalized but also more interactive. Gamification elements such as streaks and rewards are introduced to motivate and engage users continuously.

Preview of New Features and Design

EON Reality innovation team has developed the redesigned user interface and new features. The new UX  emphasize a user-driven approach and showcase the engaging, interactive nature of the updated platform.

About EON Reality

EON Reality, a world leader in AI-assisted Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality-based knowledge transfer, is dedicated to making knowledge available, transferable, and accessible globally. Our innovative AR/VR products with AI Autonomous Agent-driven Text to XR Conversion are transforming education and industry the way we teach, learn, and perform, making us a pivotal player in the future of learning and technology. For more information, please visit