IRVINE, CA, April 19th, 2018 – EON Reality, the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry and education, today announced the formation of EON Reality Education, a non-profit focused on advancing the cause of Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) education and research. Bertil Andersson, the former President of Nanyang Technological University and EON Reality board member, will chair EON Reality Education and help establish a global EON-XR R&D Network.

Central to EON Reality Education’s mission will be aiding EON Reality in executing its Human 2.0 vision by identifying and proposing areas of research to elevate man and machine interaction via AR and VR. EON Reality Education will also guide and commision research and development projects with partner institutions to better understand the cognitive benefits of EON-XR, enhance the EON-XR ecosystem through AI and other emerging technologies, and on improving knowledge transfer based on continuous assessment. These advancements will be combined with the EON Learn for Life Program to help those in less developed regions of the world better compete in the global job market.

Bertil Andersson at the EON Experience Fest 2018 explaining his vision for the future of education.

“EON-XR will help reshape education and knowledge transfer as we know it. By establishing EON Reality Education, we will be able to bring the developments that EON Reality has made over the past five years to the broader public,” said Bertil Andersson, Chairman of EON Reality Education. “Helping guide research into key areas of EON-XR need for knowledge transfer will strengthen global AR and VR developments for enterprises and academic institutions. This will take us closer to establishing ‘Classroom 3.0,’ which will prioritize blended digital learning through immersive and experiential learning.”

A key component of EON Reality Education is the curriculum developed by EON Reality over the past five years for the VR Innovation Academy (VRIA). The non-profit will continue to develop the curriculum and support the growing number of VRIA’s globally as well as its partner institutions with support. Additionally, EON Reality Education will charter new courses and pilot new educational materials that will further strengthen EON-XR education. EON Reality Education will also partner with researchers to help quantify the benefits of EON-XR in the classroom and the workplace.

Marcin Kasica describing how the VR Innovation Academy operates and educates new EON-XR professionals.

“I’ve seen first hand how the VRIA program can change lives,” said Marcin Kasica, Director of Global Education and Training. “Students whose parents did not have much of an education but wanted to better themselves and those looking to move careers from the industries of the past to that of the future all found the VRIA as an answer to their needs. I am proud to have been such a key part of this program and honored to continue to help it make its impact felt. By innovating our EON-XR curriculum and partnering with key academic partners we will have a lasting effect on AR and VR education.”

EON Reality Education is launching at the EON Experience Fest 2018 in Laval, France. For updates on this initiative please watch

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