IRVINE, CALIF., May 20, 2009 – EON Reality, a leader in interactive visualization software and integrated display systems, provided a unique keynote presentation demonstrating telepresence technologies to educators at the eLearning Consortium of Colorado Technology Conference in Vail, Colorado on April 15 – 17, 2009. The eLearning Consortium of Colorado is a statewide coalition of public and private colleges, universities, K-12 education, private sector business and public television stations dedicated to the enhancement of educational opportunities through distance learning.

Educators across the nation are seeking ways to reach distance learners more effectively and with reduced expenses while simultaneously showcasing the expertise of the best faculty. Representing EON Reality for the keynote, Marly Bergerud, Vice President for Education Development, and Peter Nguyen, Integrated Systems Engineer, demonstrated how telepresence technologies can be used by educators for eLearning. EON’s E-Learning Podium, a telepresence device that combines video and virtual reality, was used to show people in different locations and how they communicate using two-way augmented reality over a T-1 line. This unique technology allows the “sender” to appear within a “real-time” holographic 3-D environment with such clarity and realism that it appears as if the person is actually in the same room while interacting face-to-face and with direct eye contact with other people in one or more locations.

The Conference educators viewing this telepresence presentation of the E-Learning Podium, discovered how this technology can be used by faculty to present lectures that reach small groups to hundreds at multiple distant sites. What makes this technology so unique is that faculty can interact and connect with students in a way that makes one feel like the “virtual professor” is right there. Further, a significant difference of this telepresence system is its remarkable clarity and its eye-to-eye contact. As important, though, is that interactive 3D learning objects can be created from digital data on a PC, implemented into existing and new distant learning curriculum and displayed on this system. Then, the 3D objects are transmitted via the telepresence system so that the “virtual professor,” (the instructor) can interact with the objects while presenting them to the audience of learners with the objects appearing to be floating in space. (These same objects can be transmitted via elearning to the learner’s home where the Viewer is free to the end user to interact and use the objects.) Using interactive 3D content (objects) for experiential or simulation based learning accelerates learning as it provides students with experiences that are not only more engaging and compelling but are more effective for retention and recall.

About EON Reality Inc.

EON Reality provides education environments and industry clients visually rich, interactive, and reusable 3D experience through its software and technology solutions. EON’s solutions enable all organizations to more effectively visually communicate and collaborate and accelerate knowledge transfer. As the leader in providing 3D interactive visualization software, EON Reality Inc., as one of their core business markets, Education, offers Simulation Based Learning (“SBL”) solutions. Their SBL strategy enables educators the ability to effectively transfer knowledge/content by using sensory (visual, audio and touch) computer-mediated communication solutions through interactive, experiential learning experiences. Critical today in education is the creation of 3D interactive content for the learning environment. The utilization of EON’s powerful software can provide solutions for the learner that are engaging, compelling, retained longer, recalled faster, and resonate with the expectations of today’s learner (classroom or web) for effective knowledge transfer (games and Internet). For further information regarding EON Reality, visit or contact directly Marly Bergerud, Vice President, Education Development, EON Reality at [email protected].