EON Reality Singapore’s team made a splash at the annual Transforming Education Conference for Humanity (TECH) event in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India earlier this month. The multi-day event put on by the UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development drew approximately 2,000 participants and saw EON Reality boost their presence on the continent in numerous ways.

By participating in panel discussions such as the first day’s High Level Policy Forum, EON Reality was able to directly contribute to how technology and digital learning will continue to affect education in India and surrounding areas in the near future. Chaired by the former President of Kyrgyztan and including dignitaries from Egypt, Grenada, India, Bangladesh, and more, the forum discussed and finalized the new Vizag Declaration on Guidelines for Digital Learning to kick off the event.

For the next three days, EON Reality maintained one of the only consistently busy education technology booths at the event. Demonstrating the EON-XR Platform’s top products — such as EON-XR and Virtual Trainer — the booth saw hundreds of education professionals and government officials stop by for their own personal hands-on experiences in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

EON Reality Singapore was also granted the opportunity to host a small breakout session early on in the conference about “EON-XR in Education: The Shift to Classroom 3.0.” The packed audience got to hear Mohamad Ridwan Othman, EON Reality Singapore’s Senior Director of EON-XR Solutions expound on the why, what, how, and when to design and apply AR and VR solutions for the classroom.

Additionally, the EON team was also able to meet with various members of the government of Andhra Pradesh, the University of Andhra Pradesh, and the Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society and IT Academy during the event. Based on those connections, EON Reality should be able to spread EON-XR to approximately 40,000 schools and 400 colleges (totaling roughly 300,000 students) in the area in coming years.

Learn more about the EON Reality team in Singapore by visiting the EON Reality Singapore web page.