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We’re the world leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) based knowledge transfer with a global presence in 42 countries. Over our 19 year history, we’ve developed the world’s leading software-as-a-service platform that assists students and workers to learn, train, and perform.

The AVR Platform enables organizations to develop and deploy AVR solutions less expensively, quicker, and better than traditional game engine based development.

In addition, EON Reality enables the import of more than 120 formats from CAD and PLM as well as publishes agnostically to most available VR & AR devices. For more information about the AVR platform, please visit our website.

The key value of the AVR Platform and its products, are that interaction creation in AR and VR can be done easier allowing developers that have no programming experience to create meaningful content.

Here are the key aspects of the offer:

  • Join one of our reseller programs (platinum, gold and silver)
  • The Value Added Reseller margins on the software are between 30% and 50%, depending on program level
  • We provide a complete end to end sales training and support your entire sales process, including extensive joint marketing support for seminars, and roadshows as well as all sales materials and training.
  • There are also multiple add-on revenue opportunities for service, training, and support
  • Join our webinar or contact us at reseller@eonreality.com for more information.