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EON Reality’s Human 2.0 Initiative to empower people to grow beyond current human constraints

Register for the webinar on July 20th in the time zone that suits you:

Asia11:00 AM SGT (Singapore Time)
Europe, Africa & Middle East11:00 am CEST (Central European Summer Time)
North and South America11:00 am PDT  (Pacific Daylight Time) 

Thirty forward thinking governments, academic institutions, and corporations in United KingdomFranceSouth AfricaChinaUnited States, India, Singapore, and other locations have already joined the EON Human 2.0 initiative that targets to  empower 3.8 Billion people to grow beyond current human constraints, democratize access to knowledge and create new smart jobs of the future.

Technology disruption is causing a massive shift in the job market with millions of jobs rendered obsolete while, at the same time, new positions and industries are being created. Many political and business leaders fear that AI powered machines will replace humans and a new class of people emerge — the displaced class — a group of people who are simply unemployable. They propose  universal basic income as a solution leaving people struggling to find meaning in a world without work. We believe this is not a humane solution. A job is more than a salary. It represents purpose, meaning, and identity.

We need a solution on two fronts: that helps the 2.5 Billion workers lacking ICT support who risk becoming victims of AI and automation, and the 1.3 Billion students who are coming of age in a world where they need to learn more with less time and less money.

EON Reality has over the last 18 years developed an Augmented and Virtual Reality solution  that addresses the technology disruption by fast tracking knowledge transfer and creating a symbiosis between man and machine. Watch our videos for Smart Nation and the AVR classroom.

You will specifically learn how the EON Human 2.0 Initiative has provided partners with the following benefits:

  • Implemented disruptive innovation 4.0 learning and training methodologies
  • Delivered a new region campus wide mechanism to reach out to students, industry leaders, and donors/philanthropists
  • Enhanced regional reputation for innovation and research based on the latest AR and VR solutions
  • Improved retainment and recruitment of workers, students, and companies
  • Hear directly from business owners, students, and officials on the positive impact of the Interactive digital center:
  • Helps regions teach more in less time
  • Advances education from memorization to higher skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Improves attention rates for trainees and students to make learning engaging rather than a chore