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Exploring interactive visualization tools with the AVR platform

As they say, seeing is believing and augmented and  virtual reality provides just the tools to bring classroom content into the next dimension. Converting face-to-face classroom materials for use in VR and AR used to be challenging, but not anymore with EON Reality’s newly revamped AVR platform.

In this EON Reality Masterclass workshop, our founder Dan Lejerskar will be teaching you how to develop actionable strategies for migrating content from existing syllabus to a fully immersive VR environment. Dan will be showing you how to create innovative and interactive visualisation learning activities as part of your lesson plan and explore a range of visualisation tools to creatively motivate and engage students in the classroom.

Who should attend?
Teachers who teach in any modality
Instructional and Learning Designers

Workshop learning outcomes:

  • Practical examples of 3D visualisation tools used for teaching
  • An understanding of 3D learning and how it can be applied in the classroom

Lesson plan:
1. Outlining the various tools that can bring 2D diagrams models to life
2. Use specific lessons as an example
3. Explain the process of finding models from the EON marketplace
4. Step by step demonstration of how a model can easily be transformed into a lesson

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