Sure, there are many ways you can prepare for a job interview.. but why not take it to the next level by practicing in front of a virtual interview panel?

The Association Promouvoir la Réalité Virtuelle (Interactive Digital Center in Clermont Ferrand, France), together with Athalia, an HR training and consulting agency, recently introduced a virtual job interview simulator in which real candidates face a virtual jury made of remotely controlled avatars which ask questions and interact with the candidates based on their answers.  The candidate is placed within an immersive Icube, surrounded by stereoscopic 3D projection on three walls and the floor, in front of a scale 1:1 jury.

“This facility is far more interesting than just a PC screen, because it generates emotional feelings and responses from the candidate,” said Laurent Baleydier, Director of APRV. “Every head movement is tracked by 9 cameras and computers calculate the right point of view every hundredth of a second, this creating a highly realistic environment.  The result is a sense of realism, and job seekers who have tested the Icube were really amazed.”

For Bertrand Tabellion, Director of Athalia, the immersive 3D simulator offers many benefits. “All candidates are evaluated under the exact same conditions: it is a fair system by definition. Moreover, instead of mobilizing many people in the jury, we need one single operator only to control their reactions.”

The system is in fact controlled remotely using a touch pad that offers the full range of emotions and a series of predefined questions. “From time to time, we need to intervene physically to re-launch the interview process, because nothing can replace the recruiter’s sense of repartee! Most of the simulation is automated, and we will soon offer new versions with enhanced interactivity,” continued Mr. Tabellion.