Versailles, Ky. (June 17, 2009) – The Kentucky Community and Technical College System and EON Reality, Inc. are proud to release a complete modularized and interactive book entitled: “Interactive 3D Application Development: Using EON Professional for Creating 3D Visualizations.” The text is currently in printing and advanced orders are being accepted at [email protected]. The printed versions will be available in July, 2009.

The book is the result of two and a half years of collaborative writing and learner-centered activities development to produce a truly outstanding document for creating interactive 3D applications. Marly Bergerud, of Strategic Alliance Solutions and EON Reality and Jamie Justice, KCTCS Director of Visualized Learning and Innovation, conceived the idea for the book as a means to fill a training void to support end users of EON Reality’s software suite. Under their leadership, an initial table of contents and detailed publishing plan was initiated and a creative writing team was assembled in March of 2006. The development of this book was truly a global collaboration with work being conducted in Sweden, Australia, Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey and California.

Janet Garrison, an Information Technology Professor at Maysville Community and Technical College, was first introduced to the EON Reality software suite at a week-long workshop hosted by the KCTCS Interactive Digital Center (IDC) in January 2006. Professor Garrison was immediately impressed with the software’s potential for developing interactive 3D content for education and training purposes and was subsequently engaged to further research the text content and material. During the start-up phase, Professor Garrison and Mrs. Rose Marie Kuebbing, a technical content writer for Custom Editorial Publications in Cincinnati, Ohio spent four weeks in Gothenburg, Sweden working alongside EON programmers and content developers to better understand how the software is created and how to build effective content. Using Professor Garrison’s teaching experience and Mrs. Kuebbing’s publishing experience, they collaborated on refining the table of contents and organizing that content into a high quality, user-friendly book.

“Janet is a highly talented and extremely hard working individual who is willing to take on risk and additional activities to support teaching and learning,” said Jamie Justice, KCTCS Director of Visualized Learning and Innovation. “She has been an invaluable resource on this and other projects for the KCTCS Interactive Digital Center. Her dedication of time and talents are evident in this project.”

“It was truly a delightful and insightful experience working on this project and I am indebted to Jamie and Marly for extending such a wonderful opportunity to me,” said Professor Garrison. I am now equipped to fulfill a life-long dream of integrating my artistic talents into my teaching profession by developing interactive, engaging 3D content for students. I also want to thank and commend my fellow writing team members and project advisors: Rose, Becky, Dennis, Lloyd, Nils and Vinh-Sang – you are absolutely awesome!”
As work progressed it was determined that in order for the book to serve as both an effective learning tool and as a “best practice” reference resource, additional expertise from seasoned power users of EON software would be required. At this point two of the world’s premier users of EON Professional, Mr. Dennis Cafiero and Mr. Lloyd Churches, both of whom are content producers and team leaders for EON Reality, began serving as subject matter experts and writing team members. Mr. Cafiero, based in New Jersey, and Mr. Churches, based in Australia, have created numerous interactive marketing and training applications and content solutions for clients of EON Reality throughout the world. Marly Bergerud states that “Dennis and Lloyd are highly talented and seasoned EON content creators, their experience and professionalism have really made this book a high quality, interactive user focused book that will quickly help users of the book become strong users of the EON Professional software.”

The final painstaking review, editing, and manuscript preparation tasks were conducted by the excellent support staff at Custom Editorial Publications in Cincinnati Ohio. This team effort was lead by Rose Marie Kuebbing who brought years of text creation experience to this book. Rose and the whole CEP team were the final creative talent to make an outstanding book that will be a great resource for all end users.

Interactive 3D Content Development: Using EON Professional to Create 3D Visualizations is truly a remarkable collaborative training resource. The book will be a great asset for new users, current users and anyone who wants to develop high quality interactive 3D applications with EON Professional. Advance orders are currently being accepted at [email protected].

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EON Reality provides education environments and industry clients visually rich, interactive, and reusable 3D experience through its software and technology solutions. EON’s solutions enable all organizations to more effectively visually communicate and collaborate and accelerate knowledge transfer. As the leader in providing 3D interactive visualization software, EON Reality Inc., as one of their core business markets, Education, offers Simulation Based Learning (“SBL”) solutions. Their SBL strategy provides educators the ability to effectively transfer knowledge/content by using sensory (visual, audio and touch) computer-mediated communication solutions through interactive, experiential learning experiences. Critical today in education is the creation of 3D interactive content for the learning environment. The utilization of EON’s powerful software can provide solutions for the learner that are engaging, compelling, retained longer, recalled faster, and resonate with the expectations of today’s learner (classroom or web) for effective knowledge transfer (games and Internet).

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