Oral Roberts University (ORU) received the Innovation Award at the USDLA 2017 Awards for using EON Reality’s Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) Platform to reach millions of people with their “Whole Person Education” through ORU’s Global Learning Center (GLC). EON Reality was a key partner in the design and deployment of ORU’s GLC, specifically making ORU’s GLC a leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) based education. This was made possible by ORU’s implementation of the EON EON-XR Platform and other EON-XR based knowledge transfer solutions for education.

“The ingenuity and enterprise-wide capability of transferring knowledge with EON Reality made this award possible, ” said Mike Mathews, CIO of Oral Roberts University.

The EON EON-XR Platform empowers users of all experience levels to create AR and VR knowledge transfer applications. These applications can then interface with a variety of add-ons, software products, and advanced development tools that extend their functionality to areas such as user assessment, geo-positional AR, and more. The EON EON-XR Platform was built with industry and academic institutions in mind. Hardware agnostic publishing allows for scalable deployments across a campus or an entire company while avoiding being locked into legacy platforms. Within the EON EON-XR Platform include three key products: EON Virtual Trainer, EON AR Knowledge Injection, and EON EON-XR.

Read the Press Release from the event for more details.