Oral Roberts University (ORU) received the Innovation Award at the USDLA 2017 Awards for using EON Reality’s Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) Platform to reach millions of people with their “Whole Person Education” through ORU’s Global Learning Center (GLC). EON Reality was a key partner in the design and deployment of ORU’s GLC, specifically making ORU’s GLC a leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) based education. This was made possible by ORU’s implementation of the EON AVR Platform and other AVR based knowledge transfer solutions for education.

“The ingenuity and enterprise-wide capability of transferring knowledge with EON Reality made this award possible, ” said Mike Mathews, CIO of Oral Roberts University.

The EON AVR Platform empowers users of all experience levels to create AR and VR knowledge transfer applications. These applications can then interface with a variety of add-ons, software products, and advanced development tools that extend their functionality to areas such as user assessment, geo-positional AR, and more. The EON AVR Platform was built with industry and academic institutions in mind. Hardware agnostic publishing allows for scalable deployments across a campus or an entire company while avoiding being locked into legacy platforms. Within the EON AVR Platform include three key products: EON Virtual Trainer, EON AR Knowledge Injection, and EON Creator AVR.

Read the Press Release from the event for more details.

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