Virtual Reality Baseball has arrived!

Founder and CEO of EON Sports VR, Brendan Reilly, spoke with the host of Sports Illustrated NOW, Maggie Grey, to introduce the company’s new baseball simulator.

Project OPS+ is a revolutionary virtual reality baseball simulator that provides athletes with a competitive advantage. It allows players to take repetitions against a player they are about to play and distinguish the differences between a fastball, curveball, changeup and slider.

Bendan_Reilly_EON_Sports_VR_Sports_Ullustrated_Virtual_Reality_Baseball_Sports_Click image to watch full interview with Brendan Reilly, CEO of EON Sports VR, and Sports Illustrated NOW host, Maggie Grey.

With the success of SIDEKIQ, Brendan was inundated with requests from various teams to develop a baseball simulator and it was a project that was internally discussed over the past year at EON Sports.

The goal? To help baseball athletes improve their batting average, by focusing on pitch recognition and strike zone awareness. This comprehensive virtual reality simulator provides athletes with an edge that allows them to perform better.

Brendan mentions that the exact delivery of the simulator is a «secret sauce» that his team worked on with some well connected major league officials who “developed a way to simulate those real life repetitions that athletes are going to experience when they are on the field and virtual reality can help them practice off the field».

With the official launch coming soon, those who are interested in learning more about the world’s first interactive simulator can sign up now to get notified when the EON Sports VR Baseball Simulator launches.