August 8, 2013 | Written by Adam | Huddled

EON Reality, one of the world’s leading interactive 3D software providers, has places available on a free 16 hour a week, one-year 3D modelling and coding course that starts on 16 September in Manchester.

The 3D technology company has places for 100 talented young people at their European headquarters in Manchester. Next July the company will be offering fifty per cent of those completing the training a permanent job as a 3D artist or developer at their Central Park offices. One trainee will also be awarded an internship in California or Singapore.

The course is open to anyone aged 18 and above who can demonstrate a basic understanding of 3D and digital media technologies. The course includes an intensive 3 month training programme where students will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most creative minds from Hollywood and Silicon Valley, specially flown in from California.  The comprehensive training programme provides students with the skills necessary to become a 3D artist, content developer or programmer.

Specialising in interactive 3D technology, the course will include 3D modelling, design and development and coding. During a nine month project phase, students will work alongside EON Reality’s 3D modellers and coders on live projects in a range of sectors including oil and gas, architecture, medical, tourism, education and entertainment.

Marcin Kasica, EON Reality’s training manager explains: “Students start by getting a refresher in 3D modelling, animation and CAD data conversion to prepare them for work in interactive 3D, Virtual Reality, web, media technologies, design and creative thinking. Throughout the year we will bring in visiting tutors including globally successful designers, technology experts and entrepreneurs, enabling our students to learn from the best in the business.”

The expertise these students will acquire will also be suitable for many other industry sectors, such as architectural and product visualisation work, games creation, multi-media design, design reviews, film and broadcast media.

Ken Swain, Managing Director of EON Reality in the UK said: “This is an alternative to high fee education, delivering real-world training within the rapidly expanding digital sector. Formal qualifications aren’t necessary. We are looking for smart, creative, energetic people who are passionate about what they do. This course is not theoretical. It’s a practical, industry based training programme with real job opportunities at the end of it. Responding to students’ needs, the course is 16 hours of training a week, enabling young people to work part-time or claim allowances to help support their studies.”

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