HAMAR: EON Reality has education centers spread across the world, with access to equipment and expertise in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).Now, players in the local business community joined forces with Hedmark County, Hamar, Elverum Hedmark University College to establish such a center in Hamar, with a subdivision in Elverum. The company is now defined as Global Center of Expertise in EON, and it is expected that it will provide 100 jobs to Hamar and Elverum the next three years, and 200 jobs for a further three years.

The partnership was presented at a press conference in VR company MakingView in Hamar, who will be responsible for important contributions to the initiative.

Meanwhile, the new center will make Hedmark University College more attractive place to study, with a new study in VR and AR.

The total investment is about 56 million, which is divided by EON Reality and local players.

– This will give the college a whole new IT factor, said District Administrator Thomas Breen about the initiative.

Fertile ground for VR
The new degree program will initially mean a new all study this fall, requiring bachelor’s degree and gives 30 credits. The program will also provide work practice in EON Norway.

The new center in Hamar will conduct education and training in VR and interactive 3D technologies in education, industry and «edutainment».

There must be an innovation center with its own utviklingslab and exhibition for technologies. On Elverum becomes a subdivision with its own fitness center.

It is also hoped that this initiative will give rise to new local companies in the VR and AR. Plans call centers be established in April.
need content
Mikael Jacobsson is Vice President Business Development Europe and Africa in EON Reality, and came to Hamar to be part of the launch.

He makes it clear why it is right to invest in VR and AR now.

– Now we have come so far that the technology is available and we can use this in large volumes. What is lacking now is the content, and the people who will work on this in the years ahead. Therefore we go so spread out globally, says Mikael Jacobsson.

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