IRVINE, CA, May 29, 2024  – EON Reality, a global leader in augmented and virtual reality-based knowledge transfer for industry and education,EON Reality, a global leader in augmented and virtual reality-based knowledge transfer for industry and education, has today solidified its partnership with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and ITE Education Services (ITEES) through the official signing of two transformative Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs). These partnerships aim to integrate cutting-edge Spatial AI and extended reality (XR) technologies into TVET, setting new benchmarks in educational innovation.

Advancing TVET with Spatial AI

The collaboration between ITE and EON Reality focuses on harnessing Spatial AI to elevate TVET. This MOU underscores a shared commitment to providing state-of-the-art equipment, expert training, and valuable internship placements for ITE students. EON Reality has pledged to sponsor course medals, recognizing outstanding academic performance and fostering a culture of excellence.

During the signing event, ITE representatives emphasized the importance of adapting TVET to evolving economic demands, changing job landscapes, and rapidly developing skills requirements. They highlighted ITE’s strategies for creating a resilient and agile TVET ecosystem through industry partnerships and high-tech learning environments.



Dan Lejerskar, CEO of EON Reality, praised the collaboration: « It is a privilege to partner with an innovative institution like ITE, which constantly seeks to elevate the educational experience. Together, we will unlock new dimensions of learning with Spatial AI and prepare students to excel in a dynamic global workforce. »

Enhancing TVET with XR Technologies

Simultaneously, ITEES and EON Reality’s MOU focuses on revolutionizing TVET through XR technologies. This strategic partnership aims to redefine the educational landscape by developing and implementing immersive XR solutions.

During the event, ITEES highlighted national initiatives such as the broadband program to enhance internet speeds and cybersecurity measures, ensuring robust digital infrastructure. The digital cities program was also discussed, aiming to decentralize technological growth and extend advancements to rural communities.



« This represents a quantum leap in educational technology and its application in TVET. Together with ITEES, we are not only embracing the future but actively shaping it with immersive XR solutions that transcend traditional learning boundaries. By equipping educators and students with these powerful tools, we are paving the way for an educational renaissance were the only limit to learning is one’s imagination, » Dan Lejerskar, CEO of EON Reality, commented. 

Joint Vision for the Future

The unified efforts of ITE, ITEES, and EON Reality signify a concerted push towards integrating advanced technologies within educational curricula. These collaborations will enhance the readiness of the future workforce for the technological evolution of industries worldwide.

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