Kansas City, MO, April 15, 2015 — EON Sports VR, the world’s leading Virtual Reality Sports training company, has added the University of Kansas football team to its growing list of football programs utilizing the innovative SIDEKIQ Virtual Reality Football Simulator. Sports Training will see dramatic improvements and changes due to the growth of Virtual Reality, which is projected to be a $150 Billion industry by 2020 according to Digi-Capital.

The coaches at the University of Kansas will be able to input their playbook and the opposing team’s into SIDEKIQ. Once the plays are input into the system, the athlete, with an Oculus Rift headset, will see a first person perspective of their position. This simulates game action from an on-the-field perspective like the athlete would see in a game. In particular, the quarterback will be able to improve in game decision making by experiencing coverages, defenses, and stunts virtually.

Coach David Beaty, Head Football coach at the University of Kansas had this to say about EON Sports VR’s technologies, “We are always looking to push boundaries and be innovative in how we train our athlete’s bodies and minds. This is a huge competitive advantage and allows us to prepare our players to excel at the collegiate level and beyond.”

Additionally, growing concerns about injuries have lead to tightening regulations on practice time nationally. Coaches are now actively looking for safer and smarter ways to train their teams. With SIDEKIQ, athletes can train their mind without wear and tear on their body. Valuable practice repetitions can be had away from the practice field and outside of organized practice. This is invaluable for athletes and coaches looking to gain a competitive edge.

CEO of EON Sports VR Brendan Reilly said, “We know how to make athletes big and strong, but how do we know they will make the right play? This can only come from realistic repetitions and practice, and we can now provide that without the unnecessary physical wear and tear. These coaches at Kansas are trendsetters and innovators. They’ve embraced SIDEKIQ. Virtual Reality simulation gives their student-athletes exposure to ten times more repetitions than their peers. That’s like saying a freshman has the same experience as a rookie in the pros; talk about powerful.”

About EON Sports VR
EON Sports VR helps athletes reach their true potential through the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies. Started in the summer of 2013, EON Sports VR uses cutting edge visualization software that simulates competition so athletes can practice in game -like scenarios without needing access directly to their coaches, facilities and incurring physical wear and tear. The visualization capabilities range from large scale immersive environments to smartphone simulators. For further information, visit www.eonsportsvr.com.