UNICEF – Online Management Training, Vietnam

EON Reality’s partnership with UNICEF has brought a wide range of XR solutions to teachers and students in Vietnam.


EON Reality’s partnership with UNICEF on various projects actually goes back so far that it predates EON-XR as a product. With nearly a decade of history at locations all around the world, the two have collaborated to provide practical XR training solutions for scenarios of all shapes and sizes. At OMT, that focus is primarily on science.

How UNICEF – OMT is Using EON-XR

UNICEF and OMT have shown their passion and ability for designing high-end XR content, particularly when it comes to lab sciences. In topics such as physics, chemistry, and biology, EON Reality’s latest Vietnamese partner has demonstrated how remote learning be an engaging and immersive replacement for in-person labs these days.

Example Lessons Created by Teachers in Vietnam