XR EdTech Experience

A weekly webinar series exploring the future of education and training technology.

May 20th at 8 am Pacific Time

The XR EdTech Experience is a brand new weekly Webinar discussion series hosted by EON Reality Founder and Chairman Dan Lejerskar. Each week features one of the biggest names in education, technology, and/or the XR industry to cover a wide range of topics revolving around how the latest and greatest immersive tech can change the world both inside and outside of classroom and workplace training environments.

Filmed live via WebinarJam every Thursday at 8am PT / 15:00 UTC and distributed later via YouTube and other video platforms, the XR EdTech Experience is the leading source for in-depth discussions with real industry leaders. Early guests include university deans, ministers of education, Academy Award winners, and top executives from major technology organizations such as Apple, Magic Leap, Dell, HTC and more.

Sign up if you are interested in virtually attending the live filming, and check out our YouTube channel for the growing library of new episodes.

Special Guest


8:00  General Q&A
8:15  Interview with Guest: Dr. Kheder Durah, Executive Manager of ZENA Technologies, Kuwait
8:45   Q&A