In 2006, EON Reality licensed the TouchLight to Microsoft, allowing users to interact with 3-D content. Users are able to use the technology for dynamic marketing displays, product demonstrations and truly interactive training experiences.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — July 18, 2006 — Tomorrow at the Business of Innovation conference, Microsoft Corp. will announce it has licensed technology, code-named “TouchLight,” which it developed in its Redmond, Wash., research lab, to EON Reality Inc., a leading interactive visual content-management software provider. The technology will augment EON’s visualization offerings with its cutting-edge ability for users to physically interact with 3-D visual content.

“By minimizing the cost and the learning curve for us, this technology holds more promise for increased adoption and popularity in the market than was previously possible,” said Sean O’Brien, executive vice president of EON Reality. “We are excited to be the first company to offer this kind of virtual interactivity, invented by Microsoft. Microsoft’s willingness to share its innovation with our company helps enable our mutual success in this segment of the market.”

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