It’s been almost 15 years since the blockbuster hit “Titanic” set sail in theaters, yet director James Cameron hopes that next year’s re-release of the movie (in 3D) will reinvigorate existing material and lure viewers back to relive the 3 hour 15 min tragedy a second (or third) time around.

While the film is still in the process of being fully converted into 3D format, 18 minutes of already-converted footage was recently previewed during an invite-only presentation at Paramount Studios highlighting several of the movie’s most memorable scenes (we can only imagine the effect of viewing the larger-than-life vessel take its deathly plunge in 3D).

Cameron states that, had 3D technology existed when “Titanic” was originally filmed, he would have filmed the movie in 3D the first time around. Now that the technology is seemingly here to stay, he hopes it will reinvent the concept of a re-release and get viewers excited to relive the romance.

It’s exciting to see 3D technologies being used more and more across various industries.  Moving forward, we expect that it will continue to play a large role in the entertainment industry specifically.  Where do you see 3D in entertainment going next?

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