Various studies have shown that using 3D tools in the classroom greatly enhances the student learning experience. While 3D technologies have primarily been used in higher education institutions until now, these tools are increasingly being utilized by K12 classrooms around the world.

In the United Arab Emirates, young students are getting their first taste of what 3D learning has to offer. Currently the availability of 3D learning tools in the UAE are greatly limited, primarily because of the challenges of creating lessons in the Arabic language combined with shrinking education budgets. However, educators hope that bringing 3D tools into the classroom will allow their students to learn better, faster, and make content more engaging and enjoyable for students to learn.  Read full article here.

As the world we live in becomes increasingly globalized, an important focus for all countries should be on education.  The truth is that the disparities that once existed between various nations are slowly disappearing.  Emerging economies are catching up to advanced countries and are slowly carving competitive advantages over them as well.  In the forthcoming years it will be interesting to see how evolving technologies (yes, we mean 3D) will improve education systems around the world.  We hope EON Reality can play a part in that movement forward.