IRVINE, Calif., September 23, 2010EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, is proud to announce that Association Promouvoir la Réalité Virtuelle (APRV)/IDC France, the Interactive Digital Center located in Clermont-Ferrand, France, currently works on an acrophobia (fear of heights) virtual reality solution based on EON Reality’s technology.More than a business or marketing tool, virtual reality has already been experienced and used in the medical sector. In fact, virtual reality could be useful in “immersive therapies” to treat “real troubles.”

The goal for the Center is to integrate a swimming pool and a 9.5 meter high diving board in the EON Icube immersive environment. Immersive virtual reality is about combining 3D visualization, sound, free navigation and real-time interaction in the virtual world. Users of the diving application will walk on the diving board until they become aware of and cured of the height. It is all about a realistic simulation where users can interact in real-time in a natural way.

aprv1 aprv2

3D Modeling conducted by Geoffrey Vialette, 3D artist

About APRV

The Association Promouvoir la Réalité Virtuelle, APRV, aims to provide access to virtual reality technology for the private and public. It has therefore set up a resource center for hardware, software and human resources available to all professional actors. Its purpose is to facilitate access to these resources while incorporating the latest technological advances. Virtual reality has been identified as a “key technology in 2010” by a report from the Ministry of Industry issued in 2007. For further information, visit

About EON Reality
EON Reality, Inc. is the world’s leading interactive 3D visual content management and virtual reality software provider. Industry leaders, including Atlas Copco, Bechtel, Boeing, Bombardier, Hon, Intel, Lexus, Lufthansa-Teknik, Peterbilt, Samsung, Siemens Medical, Suzuki, Toyota and Whirlpool, use EON solutions to enhance the interactive user experience to effectively increase sales, better communicate product functionality and decrease the cost of service, training and technical support. For further information, visit