Go on Learning Expeditions in AR and VR

With EON-XR, students and teachers now easily recreate learning expeditions in AR and VR to share with the class. Through the use of this application, students have an opportunity to exercise their creativity, develop critical thinking skills through research and enhance communication skills through the exercise of creating their own virtual presentations.

What are some examples of learning activities for students?

Discuss some historical landmarks: What would visitors be interested in when visiting a historical landmark or space? What may be the significant features that should be highlighted? Why is this uniquely interesting? Ask students what would interest them when visiting such landmarks?

Here’s how you can start

1. Sign up for the EON-XR platform and have each student sign up for an individual account

2. Assign your students a particular landmark or allow them to pick one landmark using the library of EON Reality’s 3D Asset library

3. Ask your students to create a storyboard and allow them to conduct the necessary research for the content they wish to feature.

4.Once they have the necessary materials, they can start creating a virtual tour with stipulated elements. Our recommended guidelines are the following:

  • 2 x Contextual Information points (Memos) – (Either editing the current annotations or to add new ones, to allow the lesson to be more relevant and contextual)
  • 1 x Audio Narration (1 min in length for each voice-over, either text to speech or voice recording)
  • 3 x Activities (Choose any suitable 3 out of the 4 types of activities possible. The choice must be made so the activity becomes meaningful and at the right challenge level. Not too easy and not too difficult)
  • 1 x Additional supporting media – YouTube video (Choose a suitable section or sub-section where this video would add value to the 3D lesson.)
  • 1 x 3D Screen Recording of a lesson (Ensure recording is clear with clear voice and good step-by-step explanation)

5. Once the students have completed the assignment, let them explore their classmate’s tours on the mobile device or the desktop.  Discuss with the students about the virtual tour creation process to reflect on the significant learnings and how they have made the choices. These exercises form part of the Self-Directed Learning initiative created by EON Reality.

Here are some ideas of the learning expeditions that can be created on EON-XR in AR and VR mode


Walking Through Stonehenge. For a full hands on, immersive learning experience, please click here

Welcome to Alcatraz. For a full hands on, immersive learning experience, please click here