Anyone that knows our Chairman Dan Lejerskar knows that he should win an award for “World Traveler of the Year”, often moving and shaking for months at a time and sleeping, well, never!

So what’s Dan been up to lately?  Our man recently made a stop in Cannes, France to share his infinite wisdom at MIPIM, the leading real estate event for property professionals that brings together the most influential players from all international property sectors – office, residential, retail, healthcare, sport, logistics and industrial.  Speaking on the upcoming opening of EON Reality’s European headquarters in Manchester, UK next week, Dan also shed some insight on the future of 3D content, its ability to support global collaboration, and how the market and 3D technology is in the midst of a revolution.

“I used to be an aircraft simulator engineer, so we used to put pilots in $50M simulators turning one engine off and one engine on, put bad weather and asked them to land the aircraft.  That method of experiential learning or knowledge transfer is essentially what we do, whether we sell a property today using this technology or we teach kids. The only difference is when I started 23 years ago it used to cost roughly $50M to do it.  Today, I can do it on the my mobile phone in my seat.”  (Want to see his full presentation? You can check it out here!)

And of course, members of our talented EON Reality team were also there to help show off a little bit of our awesome technology.  AKI (Aspire Katara Investment) and Katara Cultural Village in Doha, Qatar, used our EON Icube Mobile system to let spectators virtually walk through the existing Katara site and also experience property development projects months and years before completion.   The complete development site included both commercial and private properties, and a large area of cultural facilities such as theaters concert halls, exhibition galleries and aims to become a world leader in its domain.  Judging from the excitement and smiles from visitors, we think it was a huge success!

And there you have it, everyone. We’re thrilled to see Virtual Reality and interactive 3D being so widely embraced- we’re definitely excited to see where it takes us next! And speaking of ‘next’, be sure to check us out at the official inauguration of our European headquarters in Manchester, UK!  Check out our website for more info.