For some Entrepreneur School Alumni, after working an extensive eleven months to pursue a dream it’s time to relax. For others, it means it’s time to pursue their dreams by starting their career in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry.

Since the Inauguration of Mauritius’ EON Reality Entrepreneur School in November of 2015, twenty-five students successfully completed the requirements to earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Virtual Reality, per the requirements set by the University of Mauritius. The school offers a unique degree that prepares students for the careers of the future and acts as a global network for its graduates. Graduates from EON Reality’s global network have career opportunities around the world in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as well as the game industry, visual effects, and animation.


Each graduate learned about Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) content creation, professional workflows, and project management over four months, then completed seven months of VR/AR skill development, through supervised project-based learning on/with real client projects. Skills taught included:

General knowledge in area of VR/AR projects
3D Content Creation Process
Animation techniques for 3D interactive content
Logic in 3D interactive content development
Advanced Skills in Software Applications Development
Development of 3D applications for mobile devices
Immersive Systems Development Techniques
Optimization and Advanced features in VR Development process
Mauritius’ Entrepreneur School was established to create an Augmented and Virtual Reality knowledge transfer ecosystem to, “lay the foundation for high-growth in the ICT sector and promote a leap forward in the innovation capacity of Mauritius”. The pace of which technology is rapidly evolving, competition for the best recruits is fierce and employers are eager to recruit the best of the best.

Of the 25 graduates, 10 will continue their career with EON Reality. EON Reality Mauritius and it’s customers have created hundreds of new direct jobs, several thousands of indirect jobs through EON Reality’s global distribution network, and plans to exceed that goal after the second year of courses during the 2016 – 2017 school year.

EON Reality Mauritius offers several strategic benefits to the nation of Mauritius such as strengthening its academic institutions, positioning Mauritius as the African leader in Virtual Reality, and providing its citizens and corporations a competitive advantage in the global knowledge race. Through these benefits, Mauritius will be able to accelerate knowledge transfer and fast-track employable students in areas of high global demand as well as improving the earning power of its populace.

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