EON AI Soft Skills Assistant

"Empower Your Professional Growth with Personalized AI Soft Skills Training"

“Chart your path to soft skills excellence with EON Reality’s AI Soft Skills Assistant, blending VR and AR to create hyper-realistic simulations and role-play experiences that bring essential human interactions to life.”

Intuitive Theory Learning

Jumpstart your understanding with an intuitive learning module. Enter a seamless digital realm where dynamic annotations float around our AI avatar, elevating your grasp of core concepts through visual storytelling. Engage with the show-and-tell of real-world scenarios that cement your theoretical knowledge.

Immersive Training Modules

Step into the practical realm with immersive training modules tailored to your selected topic. Choose from a suite of personas to role-play with; whether it’s a tough negotiator in finance or a discerning interviewer in HR, our AI-powered avatars adapt to the context, offering you a practice ground as close to reality as it gets.

Expert Assessment & Feedback

Leverage the expertise of our AI to gain precise feedback on your performance. Post-training, engage in a one-on-one debrief with our “expert avatar” who assesses your practice session, applauding your strengths and advising on areas for growth. Visualize your progress with AI-generated radar charts that break down your soft skills prowess.

Comprehensive Learning and Development

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey that doesn’t just end with training. From theoretical study to practical exercises, EON AI Soft Skills Assistant tracks your development every step of the way, ensuring a holistic overview of your progress and pinpointing the exact skills you need to focus on to advance further.

Add-On Modules

Situations based role-play expansion packs, such as customer service conundrums and management dilemmas.

With our dedicated add-on modules, the sky’s the limit for your soft skills training. Address specific industry challenges, from customer service conflicts to management strategy sessions, all within authentically crafted scenarios. Expand your toolkit with experiences designed to make you proficient in the art of soft skills.
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