It’s official! EON Creator 4.8 is here!

The latest version of our popular 3D authoring tool comes with new features that will propel your virtual 3D learning experience to the next level.  Updates will allow you to create customized quizzes tailored with your own questions and answers, will give you the ability to publish and share your content with others with a single click, and even the ability to view your content on practically any 3D TV or 3D projector.   This release also comes with an updated website look for an easier user experience, new video tutorials to help you get started faster, and an updated user manual to help answer all your questions.  Click here for more information.

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  • Improved creation process in Quiz mode: Users can now create customized questions and answers using the Quiz function, as well as separate the Quiz and Annotation function as desired.
  • Expanded support for more stereo devides: EON Creator Pro can now support three modes of stereoscopic 3D: Top/Bottom, Interleaved, and Frame Sequential 3D.
  • Expanded file support for EON Experience Player: The EON Experience Player can now open EON Experience simulation (.edz, .eop., .eoz) and EON Experience scene files (.eos).
  • Easier user interactions: Users can now explore different parts of an object with a single click.
  • Recording and sharing your content is now easier than ever: Users can upload their experiences with 3D lessons directly to YouTube.
  • Simplified login process: Users can now signup and login with a single click via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Congifuration of pivot-points for 3D objects: The pivot-point is the central point where an object is rotated around.