IRVINE, Calif., August 14, 2013 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider for business and education, today honored the first graduating class of the EON Entrepreneur Coding School in Manchester, UK for successfully completing their digital content creation training. The comprehensive 12 month program specializes in interactive 3D technologies and is designed to prepare students for a career in interactive digital media within various industries. Fifty per cent of those completing the training have been offered a permanent job as a 3D artist or developer at EON Reality due to the expertise these students have acquired.

EON Entrepreneur School graduates 2013

The School aims to reinforce academic instruction with hands-on industry projects that will not only foster creativity and the entrepreneurial mindset, but also prepare students to succeed in the professional environment. Throughout the course, students engage in concrete industry projects for local and global companies that require skills in coding, 3D modeling, design and development, and other work-life skills. By prompting students to think both creatively and logically, students develop many of the transferable skills necessary to perform the cross-disciplinary functions needed in interactive media. Learn more via our website.


Timothy Ball, one of several EON Entrepreneur Coding School students who have been offered a permanent job as a 3D artist:
“Since being on EON ECS course my general knowledge of 3D applications has increased. The main skills I’ve learnt so far and that have helped me a lot are my management skills and working in a professional manner which I think is the biggest part of making the jump from University or College to real industry experience.”


Fellow classmate Klaus Mendoza was also offered a full time position in the UK office and stated:
“I like the EON ECS because it has the latest technology that other schools do not have yet such as Virtual Reality, stereoscopic projection, real time game simulation etc. Everything is provided by the school with no costs to the students. I like that it is totally free. You get to meet a lot of interesting people, like the Hollywood team and you just have fun. I am really happy!”

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“The communication and articulation of innovative and creative ideas are core to successful interactive 3D and Virtual Reality work. Our first EON Entrepreneur School graduates have undoubtedly lived up to it. We are very happy and proud to have such a talented group, and are excited to bring more than half of the graduating class on board our UK team permanently,” said Ken Swain, Managing Director of EON Reality Ld.

“We’re now preparing for our next intake of students for this coming September, and are looking for talented young people with a proactive, self- motivated attitude and a passion to learn 3D.  Individuals employed within the interactive 3D and immersive VR industries need to command a wide range of skills, personal attributes and knowledge that this course recognizes, embeds and teaches through a range of projects, activities and workshops,” added Mr. Swain.

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