We would like to extend a warm thanks to all speakers, delegates, IDC partners, and co-workers that made the EON Experience Fest 2017 in Laval France a great success. More than 123 delegates from 32 countries had a chance to experience the future of Augmented and Virtual Reality during the two day event held in conjunction with Laval Virtual, the largest VR and AR exhibition in the world.

The fifth annual EON Experience Fest was held at our French office in Laval. This is the second Fest held in conjunction with Laval Virtual. The event was very productive with four IDC partner engagements established and seven new countries moving forward with the IDC process targeting agreements during 2017.

Participants experienced how Interactive Digital Centers (IDC) work, from the entrepreneur school EON-XR lessons to the App Factory production of the latest Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) applications delivered from Phone to Dome

The Workshop covered the specific needs and solutions of a variety of industries addressed by EON-XR

One-on-one meetings were arranged with existing IDC owners to discuss the IDC setup process from Startup to Sustainability

Specifically, the Fest highlighted how the EON EON-XR Platform empowers its users to create their own VR/AR applications to enhance key focus areas. Businesses can leverage EON-XR to improve their training, marketing, design, and research while also improving the efficiency of their workers. Educational institutions can enhance their lessons and let their students learn by doing in VR or AR.

Experts from Industry, Education and Government shared the segment specific benefits a behind the scenes look at what goes into an Augmented or Virtual Reality implementation. For more details please see our EON Experience Fest event page: EON Experience Fest 2017 – EON Reality

Thank you once again and we look forward to see you next year at the EON Experience Fest 2018!