Program to educate communities on crucial skills such as vocational training, farming techniques, health and sanitation, water management, and more.

IRVINE, CA, December 23, 2013 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, today announced the creation of the EON Learn for Life Program which builds on EON Reality and its partners’ 15 years of experience in Africa. The growth in interactive 3D training worldwide has mainly focused on the world´s technologically advanced nations. EON’s Learn for Life Program will help to bring these technological and educational innovations to the areas of the world that need them the most.

The goal of the EON Learn for Life Program is to facilitate, through a proven end to end interactive Virtual 3D Learning platform, the learning necessary for less and least developed communities to become more self-sufficient. The Program is primarily focused on vocational training, health awareness, and technical literacy. Interactive Virtual 3D Learning sidesteps language barriers and poor literacy skills often encountered in these communities by showing rather than telling.


“EON Reality has seen first-hand the impact that interactive virtual 3D training has made on our clients,” said Anna Lejerskar, Director of EON’s Learn for Life Program. “We, through the Learn for Life Program, hope to impact less developed communities the same way by providing the knowledge needed to succeed. In a sense, we want to teach communities ‘how to fish’ rather than ‘giving a fish.'”

EON Reality, together with the South African company Naledi3d Factory, has been working in African countries, such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Senegal, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa, for over 15 years covering a wide range of disciplines and subject matter. These projects have been conducted with the support of donor organizations such as UNESCO, SAFIPA and the WK Kellogg Foundation.

Naledi3d Factory, which uses Virtual Reality to communicate concepts and practices, created simulations using EON Reality’s 3D platform to improve awareness and prevention of malaria and HIV/AIDS, help increase mining safety, disseminate good water sanitation and farming techniques, and more. Naledi3d Factory received a joint World Summit Award (WSA) in 2009, selected from over 20 000 project nominations from 154 UN member countries, for its work with farmers in Zimbabwe.

“Our work in Africa has helped improve the quality of life of everyday African peoples,” said Dave Lockwood, founder of the Naledi3d Factory. “We’re excited to grow our relationship with EON Reality, through their Learn for Life Program, and tackle even more of the education challenges facing Africa.”


Working with organizations such as WorldSkills, UNICEF, SIDA, UNIDO, UNESCO, and other philanthropic organizations, the EON Learn for Life Program plans, through national Virtual 3D Learning roll outs, to deploy 200,000 3D classrooms worldwide in less developed communities with major educational and training deficiencies. These initial projects include the development of a WorldSkills Virtual 3D Learning Center in collaboration with the WorldSkills Foundation.

“Together with EON Reality we’ve already created some exciting training and learning possibilities,” said Tjerk Dusseldorp, Chairman of the WorldSkills Foundation. “We’re looking forward to bringing this technology to even more people around the globe especially those in less developed communities. Our partnership with EON’s Learn for Life Program will enable us to bring advanced interactive Virtual 3D Learning to people that need it most.”

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