EON Reality, together with Next Galaxy Media, submitted the Virtual Reality based Social Media mobile application, CEEK to the Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015! Voting ends on May 26.


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CEEK is a fully immersive virtual world that facilitates shared experiences between users. From concerts, to movies, conferences, sporting events, learning spaces, museums and other hangouts, CEEK lets you live the experience virtually! CEEK features personalized user areas based on user profile (akin to timeline), private and open hangouts with real-time multi-user voice chat and messaging, voice activated interaction, ability to search, discover, locate and join friends in activities.

Navigation in CEEK is fun and easy, users simply interact with the environment as naturally as they would in the real world. For example when a user pauses to view a poster, they’re asked if they want to watch the trailer, movie or concert, a menu is overlaid that enables them to select their desired content and they’re quickly teleported to the movie studio or concert arena.