EON Reality is happy to announce a partnership with Magic Leap as the XR device manufacture expands into the enterprise market with the launch of Magic Leap 1.

As a portion of the wide-ranging partnership, EON Reality will soon debut the AVR Platform for Magic Leap, which will be a leading source of lesson and training materials on the headset.

The AVR Platform has already demonstrated its power as a lesson creation and distribution platform through several other devices and modalities. Building on the model already in existence with the new AVR Platform, bringing EON Reality’s flagship product to the users of Magic Leap will expand the possibilities for both industry-leading companies.

One of the most unique elements of EON Reality’s AVR platform partnership with Magic Leap is in making the production of AR training lessons and education materials accessible to not only developers, but to managers, teachers, professors and IT specialists.

EON Reality’s AVR Platform is built on the concept of “EASI” — Effortless, Affordable, Self-Service, and Interconnected. The Platform’s core features include drag-and-drop AR development, totally code-less immersive experience creation, and access to hundreds of thousands of CAD models, as well as the ability to import and convert existing 3D objects.

As such, Magic Leap’s strategic pivot into the enterprise market for XR solutions, aligns perfectly with EON Reality’s combined Classroom 3.0 and Industry 4.0 focus.

“The general trends in increasing workplace turnover is resulting in a large skill gap within many businesses, and that severely impacts their ability to fill crucial roles needed for efficient operation,” said Mats Johansson, President of EON Reality. “AR in-field content and highly-engaging training beyond a flat screen is desperately needed by industrial clients. By partnering with Magic Leap, we are confident that we can bring immersive, next-level efficiency and productivity to businesses globally in an exciting way.”

For 20 years, EON Reality has brought the benefits of AVR technology to enterprise clients such as ExxonMobil, Asia Pacfic Breweries, Shell and others in an enviable roster of future-forward clients. The AVR Platform serves not only to increase employee engagement, but also to fundamentally transform traditional approaches to corporate training and performance in developing permanently relevant skills.

And now, thanks to partnering with Magic Leap, EON Reality is optimistic that the skills that both businesses and workers need can be delivered in a fresh and appealing way for the diversity of its clients and end-users, which enables them all to be successful for decades to come.

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