Powering the latest, innovative railway safety application supporting public safety knowledge transfer in the UK

MANCHESTER, UK, October 24th 2017 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry and education, announces the launch the world’s first Virtual Reality level crossing safety application for Network Rail. This application delivers safety information through story driven VR scenes followed by interviews with family members and experts.

By combining the animated scenes with interviews, the application is designed to engage people quickly and experience these dangerous situations themselves. This in turn raises awareness about what can happen at level crossings, also known as railroad crossings or train crossings, and why safety precautions are important.

“At EON Reality, we are passionate about using virtual reality to raise public safety awareness,” said Mark Bridgeman, COO of EON Reality. “This app is a world first for level crossing safety and we are very proud to have created this on behalf of Network Rail. We work extensively with industry to help make their operations and employees safer. The EON Reality team is proud to use this knowledge to make our communities safer.”

EON Reality’s leading-edge mobile application will transform the way people across the UK learn about rail safety at level crossings. In making safety training more approachable, younger people and school children will be more receptive to safety messaging and understand the real danger that level crossings can present.

Bridgeman continued: “This app represents a revitalised, pioneering commitment to level crossing safety – something we all need to think about not only this winter, but at all times.”

Network Rail owns and operate the railway infrastructure and timetabling in England, Wales, and Scotland on behalf of the three nations, with thousands of level crossings that are managed around the clock. Network Rail’s operations cover Europe’s fastest growing railway. EON Reality’s ‘Network Rail – Level Crossings’ app supports Network Rail’s mission to provide a safe, reliable experience for the millions who use the railways every day, making it safer together.

About EON Reality
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